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What is Zovos?
What is life?
What Zovos is
What life is.
Life that is encouraged for one to experience.

Here is the story on how Zovos came to be:

Before or after time, there came a light that thundered on. That light exposed a tower of large, golden, unorderly-stacked blocks scraping the sky. Then a cosmic vacuum of the unknown came into existence at the very top of the tower. It's forces caused the tower of golden blocks to tumble down in a chaotic frenzy. Somehow, by pure chance, all of the blocks came together to form a stone head of many colors. The stone head eventually started to gleam magnificently and resonate a very low E-flat. After all of the splendor, the stone head then transformed into a cosmic. The first thing this being said was "I am here, here am I, I am Zovos."

Zovos now is telling all of his stories through all forms of art for everyone to enjoy.


My new album: Mindscape by Zovos

Just finished transcribing and mixing Frank Zappa’s song “Night School” by ear. Get sommme. Umph.

Check out this song I made:

Check out this song I made: